#440. nine

November 26, 2010

remembering     whisper
to move forward    deeply
makes sense of past   needs
times and joy of present   love  

a wolf and a hummingbird walked into a bar
one learned the music of her clear wing
one flies lightly through his howl

#160. untitled angst

February 1, 2010

how life goes
from time to
is biology babe

creaky and tired-eyed
cranky old wolf tonight

#158 Th Woman (more)

January 30, 2010

Th woman
to curl cool
nourish plant poet wolf

the red rises flaunts
her stuff passion
as flame

as soil
city bred heavy
as the fine reggae bass

turns all fantasy sails
into elementals
as air


curve into lust
a round
lust oil
desire finds the sun
tan worlds.

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