#469. ten

April 15, 2011

starry light
bright trance
retinal delighting
alighting hypothalamus
and relighting time to live
in the clouds backed by the moon
with your hair wild in the sharp wind 

the rain
drops millions
of mirrors endless
shattered hues and tints
all hinting at the gift of death

twirling in a sharp business suit
wild laughing possessed man
has lost or found it all
and it dont matter
one damn bit

ready to jet
in the eye
of memory
in the storm
of my old dreams
in the wild winds
heading west
to you all

#154. I see you

January 26, 2010

I see you
with a long long scarf
floating in the breeze of my dreams
waking or sleeping
it’s hard to tell these days.

You are out
there and that for some reason
of love gives me wild strength
and hope and joy.

Fuck Depression!

I love you
and that cannot be
requited or not.

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