#394. home you know

September 27, 2010

the grey rivers
mist and concrete
steel slate windows wind
sheets of driven rain competing
with the black thunderheads above
dull glass towers filled with my millions
of neighbors and their many colored dreams
burning their various meanings into entire lives

#370. loose ends

August 30, 2010

a wierd week
before labor day
quiet in manhattan
the heat is back now
and everyone wants ice
or was that ninety years ago
when the spirits and shades knew
that reality was a confidence game

#350. me too you

August 10, 2010

even the subway
is quiet tonight
the sax player
on the platform
is taking five
the air is liquid
with summer heat
and the tourists
are subdued
by august
me too

#148. Wish List

January 20, 2010

To hold my sleeping grandchild
like an armful of blossoms.

For my right hand to understand
how to play guitar.

To know what my dozing dog
is dreaming.

For my friends to spend the Endless
together laughing and telling stories.

To chase my dreams without care
for thier completion.

For my poems to ride the waves of madness
like golden surfers.

passed time
passing the past
dreamt a dream
dreaming time
had passed
into the future
travelling the wave
waving to you
feeling you present
is the now

So bring yourself gently naked
to the knife edge of our portable bed
that floats in a sea
of our own come
and sweat and tears
that we shall create a storm.

And it is the storm
that floats cloudly
beneath your angel cream skin
which reminds me like distant thunder rumbling
and summer lightning
that love is no illusion
but rather the manifestation
of the ever mounting wave of ALL.

#125. Brainsavers

December 28, 2009

i surf
the evermounting wave
each night
time traveling
until the dream
turns to dawn
and i awake
in the future.

on the wave
slipping below
the line.

we applaud
that which has just passed
to extend the moment
that was.

the unborn ghosts
of time ensphere us
making us late
when we show up early.

the thing
about bubbles
is that they almost never
always last.

#95. the human lullaby

November 28, 2009

the human lullaby

the sixth great extinction
is a wave
we ride on the arrogant surfboard
of our mastery of everything
and everyone
but ourselves

nighty night

#44. WHY

October 9, 2009

There is a wave deeper then illuminated mind
a human wave
it whips hard as strongest breeze
a fragment of my desire
a piece of our lust.

There is a human wave within us all
within our confusions
and cold exteriors.

I want a kiss to understand.

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