#529. walk before bed

January 20, 2012

off season
the river and the moon
paint me in night in chill wind chime
out on the pier thrusts my walking mind
upon the harbor one ghost sail raised for home
the planks the pilings the broken tangled gear weathered 
seen off through gathering fog by myself and the golden hound

#506. path two

December 16, 2011

today i am walking with the light
taking me across the element of river
clearing out of silence i smoke
enjoying the deep ghosts
who cause my mind to think of time
drifting with bodhisattva music

#393. a last walk

September 26, 2010

a last walk with the hound
across the footbridge steps
echo raw roar of the sea
gentle hush flower fields
scent the chill autumn
evening comes lights
the sky and instant
future once now
knowing peace
thru storms
as we hold
on course

#364. evening stroll

August 24, 2010

walking with you
cool august evening
brooklyn bridge view
your hand in mine sings

the lights of the heights
across the east river
as sharp as salt air
makes me tear up

many trees to make a bridge
a walking bridge
between two famed shores
sustain the trees
and maintain ourselves
bridge the gap
between Living and we who
walk in the Forest
as the ghosts of new york
diverse and growing

#302. south street walk

June 23, 2010

summer leaves
crisping not
air dense
as a rye bread
baking on lower
east side
up and out
bodies disperse
finding spaces
to catch
dream floats
across the starry
river where brooklyn
she smiles
cooling us
walkers at night

#295. homestretch

June 16, 2010

rest approaches
release and peace
the hudson sighs
the birds fly over
i finish my walk
as the first drops
scatter the crowd

#291. east river walk

June 12, 2010

passing by the soft river
grabs my senses
suspends time
breaks my
less man
wimpers in
time with the wild
waves sweeping the path

#202. inhabit

March 15, 2010

the life
of those
the cobblestones
down town
the now
to walk

the grey rivers
are blue and clear
on any chosen day.

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