#175. distances

February 16, 2010

virtuality is a virtue
as it is (apparently) safer
than unpleasant reality lurking
calling out
to live in the blind design
reality is an excuse
for the virtual
ghost crying out in the space

“please let this have meaning”

#110. Blog This!

December 13, 2009

are the ghosts
of virtuality
finding their lives
for real?

the fear of confrontation
is much easier
to face
on facebook.

my space
is no longer
an address
in brick.

i live on the server
and create my fame
pioneering the new

celebrity is my art
form i sculpt it
virtually creating
myself for others.

my status
is my medium.

embracing the technology
i deny dust.

the dust doesn’t care.

am i tagged
as the global village idiot?

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