#490. genesis walk

November 30, 2011

in vast
late november
purity all is color
in grey river whitecaps
I advance a moment in time
only to wheel and hurry back 
into the darkness in the beginning
was the word and the word was a lie
let there be light and dark became

softly heroes shimmer deep 
in the red white blue
history herstory
just the facts
no truths

no matter how you try and spin it
it’s the fourth of july
not the third
or fifth

#447. hello?

December 17, 2010

back from death
with no moderation
no logical filter
to keep the deeds
apart from true
words lovely
or not so

#387. traveller

September 18, 2010

if i
or not
time moves
me out of now
at the speed my
synapses fire off at
the same rate as i die

redeemed by the eyes of my lover
my own eyes close and cry
and time means naught

in truth i live
in fact i die

#268. tapped

May 20, 2010

not to be tired
but the truth
tells me to travel
in time to tomorrow

#256. poetry

May 8, 2010

that burdens
are beauty
more poignant
than daffodils
and that truth
matters as much
as breath

then the words must flower
and flow

beauty is crying
bleeding birds
because of the words laughing
desperate diamonds
art shouting
empathic eons
imagination embracing
cloudy children
passion singing
low laughs
tenderness understanding
mad mountains
of an artist
reaching alone and across
death before my birth

without truth
there are only bells
stuffed with dead rain

The truth of the lie of time.

It is not the first breath
That has passed
Not a tide but a swell.

It is not the last breath
That is tomorrow
Mystery solved without choice.

It is the breath breathing now
That is meaning enough
Or not.

the spooky truth

as the specialness
leaks away
going down
into the tunnels
in with the rats
fat in the shade of the rails
we are
standing tall
in the subway car
but eyes slide away
spirits collide
then hide
in the secret knowledge
of our own
spooky truth.

#24. At The Cape

September 19, 2009

At The Cape

At The Cape

At the head
Of the year.
In family
in truth
The waves crash
No less
the sound
To soothe
A small dog
walking by the side
of a beloved woman
Looking up at her

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