#187. Th Woman (more)

February 28, 2010

Th woman
as sleep
opened twice
lips lips & dreams.

full silk slip

as sleep
awake enough love
and now slick time.



knows falling
shoot high anyway
gets me thru
the other side of the world.


Th woman
as song no song
has music or rhythm enough
for yr blaze of spirit
red and yellow
as yr little hairs.


is a space on her bed
i can sometimes use
if i tongue her

touch her shoulder
she asleaping
me trying to.

#89. Fragrant

November 22, 2009


Fragrant is the flower
you give
for my spirit to know.

Gentle is the caress
you have brought
to my heart.

Lovely the vision
as you walk
across the floor to me.

Melodic is the song
you have played
in my body tonight.

Sweet is the taste
you have left
on my tongue.

#43. The Green Stone

October 8, 2009

The Green Stone

As I look

at the stone
I have purchased

trying to make out
the lurky shape

that lives within
I sense the questing

that dwells beneath
that shy and tender

smooth and glowing
skin that covers

your within.

These are new

these tools
I use

to caress you
but unlike a relief

I do not chip
at your surface

but at my own
to bring forth

clear the dust
and find the depth

of the us in we.

Of the senses

we use our touch
which was somehow

lost like green stone
beneath the earth

new born
on each others’ skin

I feel your breast rise
to my hand and tongue

and yours against
mine a soft rasp

I gasp to know more.

#21. A woman playing chess—

September 17, 2009

A woman playing chess—

concentrating on her opponent
               lover          easy mark.
He bent to the board
         her will       flirty eyes.
Her deliberation is immense
           intense             penetrating.

I who try cannot flash
         across her eyes        mind      life.
The boy is in trouble
           taking it hard      withdrawing.

She smiles and it threatens him
             takes him          takes aim at him.
When the mate is checked
          checkmate         checking her mate

she crosses the board
        moves around the table
caresses his hair
         delicately picks up his king
and puts her tongue
         in his mouth.

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