#270. love inhabits

May 22, 2010

love inhabits me
the ghosted peals
of bells that have rung
yesterday and again
tomorrow they will ring
that i might recognize
the silence between us
as the living for each breath
together that is our fire

#268. tapped

May 20, 2010

not to be tired
but the truth
tells me to travel
in time to tomorrow

#132. Tips Appreciated

January 4, 2010

we all take
orders thinking we
dont have to
follow them

add up your checks
count out the change
clean the counter
for tomorrows rush

sorry folks
its closing time

The truth of the lie of time.

It is not the first breath
That has passed
Not a tide but a swell.

It is not the last breath
That is tomorrow
Mystery solved without choice.

It is the breath breathing now
That is meaning enough
Or not.

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