#178. tom’s cat too

February 19, 2010

“A jaguar who is the night sun”
the chuff hnnnh chuff of the hungry cat
at dusk backlit
by the remains of
the westering star
the prey looks for cover
but I

#156. Once a tom cat

January 28, 2010

once a cat licked the mortal dust from its fur
groomed down through time and his own fate
knowing purrs emanate pure disinterest in his own

once a poet cast a shining eye on the world’s web
grew up through time a wide understanding of beauty
truth a delicate force ensphering other creators
in the endless.

who is to tell what is once and what is still to come?

#152. tom’s market

January 24, 2010

infinite poem express
tom’s market
dense as a ryebread spring
in the Endless lower east side
below delancey
ghost pushcarts
alter cockers
chinese slippers
roar of the f train
below the grates.

All of life for death.

“Half the sky for praying, the other half for the beauties of the night.”

A third of life for growing, a third of life for striving and a final third for understanding.

A quarter of the night for dreaming, a quarter for poems,

a quarter for the unknown adventure and a quarter of the night for my lover.

the arc
of the poet
reaches beyond the physical
beyond imagination
into the reality
of the common

the arc
of the poet
lays across the heart
swelling the mind
and intersecting
the spirit
of the curious.

the arc
of the poet
touches remotely
stirring the intimate
of the everyday

the arc
of the poet
extends beyond
the arms length
of the composer
deeply and beyond measure
into the Endless.


the arc
of the poet
extends beyond
and behind
to connect
the poet to every thing
the poet needs.

grey gains its color
from its association with the elements
foam from water
smoke from fire
slurried earth
dessicated wood
tarnished metal

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