softly heroes shimmer deep 
in the red white blue
history herstory
just the facts
no truths

no matter how you try and spin it
it’s the fourth of july
not the third
or fifth

#413. classic recipe

October 25, 2010

beer and football
bread and circuses
its an old fucking story
seems to work for power
teabaggers take close heed
its an ancient form of slavery

#164. The Fear America

February 5, 2010

The fear america
the hollow
by fraud
free zone
fighting the civil
war has never
only some of us
thought it was over.
Hey Palin!
you and your family is the best argument for choice yet.

american memory
in absentia
Rush the clown
runs down the rabbit hole
a belief in anything for a buck
our problems are a result
of conservative design
devolution serves the right
media hypes typecast
our culture enspheres
the globe believes
and as it believes
it kills even while it tries to heal
and rush the clown
flushes the chumps
who provide him
with a super-deluxe
rabbit hole.

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