#495. afternoon ache

December 5, 2011

came down 
today crowds
hustled and sighed
under shelter wrapped
tight shivering peering
puzzling over the homeless
woman turning beaming sunshine
she walks dry within the winter rain

#412. meme me

October 24, 2010

time all counts
the future desired memories
infinite listening
seeing pictures in past time
to know even
the now added to the stories
count the time

the small hound yawns in the sunshine
translating time into memory
i forget to think
and only look
and listen

#322. eagle bone flute

July 13, 2010

the sunshine
flowing through
yr native eagle bone
flute with all the notes
stroking my skin and kissing
kissing kissing my spine and neck
i see the canyon breezes and smell
the waters rushing below
among the pinion

#200. gold as honey

March 13, 2010

sunday walk
in the sun
new york
my dog spots
a wild turkey.
in battery park.
she was all for giving

#192. gray fades away

March 5, 2010

the rays shot thru
the gray today

sunshine to hope with

to dream of spring
while winter melts away

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