#170. christina’s line

February 11, 2010

brooklyn is dripping
from bridge to bridge
to bridge.
steam rising across the river
has to be bburgh.
the ice and slush makes the borough shine.
water flows from the heights
and makes of the car tires’ song
a different winter tune.

the many facets of a nor’easter’s beauty evolve towards the seasons
to come.

#133. Gratitude

January 5, 2010

What errand brings
that huddled form out in the great white
Not my joy
else he’d be striding
arms flying
snow feeling.

What Light controls my eyes?

So bring yourself gently naked
to the knife edge of our portable bed
that floats in a sea
of our own come
and sweat and tears
that we shall create a storm.

And it is the storm
that floats cloudly
beneath your angel cream skin
which reminds me like distant thunder rumbling
and summer lightning
that love is no illusion
but rather the manifestation
of the ever mounting wave of ALL.

#115. Eat The End

December 18, 2009

If a tornado rips through a mind
and the roof is falling
while the frame is raised
then the parting of seas
will rip us from a reality based on coral and chaff.

If a period is the beginning and end
of death
and birth equals me and you
then a thought and a breath
have made a corner
in which we can wrestle with the Eternal Fucking Meat
of mind and gullet lost lovers and the end.

#111. storm flies

December 14, 2009

away i spin
leaf on the enony edge
thunderhead crackles tear ducts mine face
shifts nexus
i fly high and cry
a storm
that flies
for you.

#100. to live

December 3, 2009

to live in the blind
to die
on a bridge in time.
send my final effects with magellan around capes horn and hope.
toss all my lover’s final pain on that ship
and if it sinks?
the moments remain.

#32. This is

September 27, 2009

This is

the us which is,
which lives.

Our lives
now shout with surprise.

We are surprised
only to find peace.

And yet peace
it tosses us

a tempest, you, us
I and the form

which is a new form
and is a delight.

Let the years delight
and Begin!

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