#405. autumn terrace report

October 13, 2010

fragment of summer
night stars
a brief piece of peace

the free joy cries of children
and the barking answers of dogs
with the scent of street vendor barbecue
tickling my nose i lean back and close my eyes
as you reach over and playfully gently tug my beard

#392. raining stars (thanks L

September 23, 2010

rain water
flash sharp
every where
sparks flying
shining dark

#341. this dream

August 1, 2010

third eye wide open as the neurons fire
and sleep in an order beyond paradise
passing through the interiors of stars
but in the dream an evermounting wave
is feeding the starfish and the tidal pool

trees entwined
apart and
sea silver
in the fire of the moon
and the stars
and the sun
quietly sleeping below
mountains beckoning clearly
through the air

this is the home
we have created and found
created and bound

alone is no longer lonely

#136. the old lumberyard

January 8, 2010

as a kid
i hit a ball
with my ‘lil roberto’
louisville slugger
it was still going up
as it rotated and sang
out of the yard
over the bushes
thru the green leaves
of the apple orchard trees
towards the pale blue pittsburgh sky.
we knew that ball was gone
didnt even look for it.
i still have the bat.

#135. late winter ball

January 7, 2010

late winter ball

the stars
are expanding
the field so bright dissolves
in the specific sunlight of
fast ball.
curve ball
condenses eye
hand turns over the bat
and pure matter energizes
and roar the ball
soaring flashing white laced
red turning entraining us to
the stars.

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