#518. sixth element

December 28, 2011

for me
arbitrary time
another sweet starlit year
within the vast pale pearl moment
river smoke willow clay woven in the wind
within the vast pale pearl moment
another sweet starlit year
arbitrary time
for me

#390. stargaze

September 21, 2010

if the colors within you
reflect the clear night sky
then come to know the meaning
of travelling starwards within the depths
of your lover’s eyes

#330. brightside

July 21, 2010

the whip falls hard
cracks my back
i hardly feel it
because of your eyes
and the calm
starryness within
their bright depths

#302. south street walk

June 23, 2010

summer leaves
crisping not
air dense
as a rye bread
baking on lower
east side
up and out
bodies disperse
finding spaces
to catch
dream floats
across the starry
river where brooklyn
she smiles
cooling us
walkers at night

#292. unseen in the sun

June 13, 2010

the lighthouse lamp
with beams for my
moods long
in pale moonshine
short in rose dawn

#169. Wish

February 10, 2010

standing under the light
of the starfield
i understand the reason
why we only wish on one star
a night

shadow dark and shadow stark
first shadow i see makes me mark

#102. Liquid

December 5, 2009

I am watching
waterstars reflecting woman
filling jug at streamside smiles
and turns hips swaying gone

#65. Step One

October 29, 2009

The tide rushes out
so does care and pain
all need to maintain mastery
dew from grass to wind.

The deep blossomed flower
accents the bees probing
need without loss of self
actually benefits thrives
gains through loss.

An inner flame glows unattended
burns as a star when cultivated
fed with life’s debris
needing recognition to flower
rather than smother.

Hold a dandelion puffball in your palm
the wind controls
holding tight crushes the frail life
an open hand loses the fragile cathedral
but guarantees the radiant fearless moment.

Turn over and over the benefit
of the loss of control of the loss
of loss a gift for health life
and the gain of all to follow.

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