#392. raining stars (thanks L

September 23, 2010

rain water
flash sharp
every where
sparks flying
shining dark

green shoot
growing in the diamond
sand learning healing
dancing smoke
in the wind off the sea

there comes a time when
you know and then its
well known love
can i live with you
always in time transporting
now it seems calm
when it stretches grabs moves
from this time to then time
flexes waves over
reaches peaks valleys
never seen in time before
all time ensphered disintegrates joins


#262. home brewed

May 14, 2010

fire roars
sound of hot
water banging
merrily against
a round steel kettle
the rustle of tiny golden
leaves sprinkled exactly
into the strainer a bouquet
silently and sweetly awakens
the air before the whistle calls
you into the kitchen to gather cups
and cookies to pour and steep our tea
in the beautiful japanese clay and bamboo

gentle evening of our universe
murmurs home

#242. hearth

April 24, 2010

in the glisten of evening
my girls return my spirit
to the life that remains
mine to share

water slaps
earth groans
metal squeals
wood creaks
flame snaps

#234. Jin Xing

April 16, 2010

pure sheen
brave shine
light gold silver
flame from earth
and the water
collects courage
gathering bamboo
in the autumn

#233. Shui Xing

April 15, 2010

river runs grey
foam blue water
wearing shores
of stone and earth
down to sand and silt
passing from fear to calm

water at the bright surface is
the same as in the dark deep

#232. Huo Xing

April 14, 2010

the gift
is sparking
the flame is
enough to warm
the blossoms tasting
the fragrance of creation
flickering in the light of life

#231. Tu Xing

April 13, 2010

the rootwood
earth heart center

sprout bamboo
from the dark ground
holding the fire

carrying seed
collecting ancestors
for the future

#230. Mu Xing

April 12, 2010

in your eyes
a spark to fire me
in your spirit
a tree to root me

in my life
bamboo is growing
and anything
is possible

and its always spring time

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