Tender is the swimmer
far out in the ocean of light.
Bright star dances tonight.
I am possessed by my dysfunction,
jangle and clang, chime and hum.
Human to the core, human to the stars,
my violence precedes my time.
Time to sing no more time to weep,
no more time than now.

#537. earth day

April 22, 2012

when i see the earth
in a picture taken from space
i realize that the planet doesnt need humans 
and may in fact be better off without us. save the earth? 
it doesnt need saving, what we really mean is save our place on the planet.
if we destroy our place in the ecosystem (along with nearly 
countless other species’ places) the earth 
will survive and continue on its 
evolutionary path thru time 
without us.

#522. mid midnight

January 1, 2012

what is new
and what is old
in the eternal pause
of this daily rice and salt
happy some year this year

#521. arbitrarily happy

December 31, 2011

is a
year starting
now again every
moment greet the new

#514. strung out

December 24, 2011

cold and still
in the canyons tonight
the wind pierces by the river
struggling with my simultaneous selves
all of my moments are lost until by memory
they are desired

softly heroes shimmer deep 
in the red white blue
history herstory
just the facts
no truths

no matter how you try and spin it
it’s the fourth of july
not the third
or fifth

#470. kansas

April 25, 2011

from clear-eyed sleep
another dream
my mother
from color
finds me in
black and white
everyone in their place

#469. ten

April 15, 2011

starry light
bright trance
retinal delighting
alighting hypothalamus
and relighting time to live
in the clouds backed by the moon
with your hair wild in the sharp wind 

#462. dear class

February 27, 2011

i am so 
and so
scramble my brain 
eggs into sculptures 
poem omelettes
tired of over easy

return is another change
in time to
baffle time
and myself
one more time

#461. sisters

February 20, 2011



in change

this still life

moves bright stars

deeply in darkly eyes

focuses joy overwhelming

now the sorrow of whenever

whatever comes as time to time

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