anchored between the river and dark solstice
i take comfort in the bright knowledge
that the light is growing surely now
with reflections off the ripples
catching the city of spring
pivoting returning hope
from day to night 
now back again
towards day

#503. river solstice

December 13, 2011

offers up december 
to the coming beauty
the coming truth of winter
is here and spring is coming
the water is still flowing under
wind ridged river ice fish are still 

#452. longest night

January 5, 2011

into present solstice
being the frozen moment
capturing quiet winter time
snowing going silently forward
passing spring time understanding
that under today’s fall summer sleeps


#448. winter solstice prep

December 19, 2010

in sensation
smoke curls
in cold whirl
oak door slam
ice spear drops
orange flames
bursts redsheen
friends all on a couch
blankets porcelain tea cups
dogs curled asleep on the floor 

#307. time to know

June 28, 2010

with friends
the sun shines
but the clouds come
and the rain is a relief
leading everyone home
with the red sun set
the evening chill
brings back
the joy

#298. solstice

June 19, 2010

sun on skin today
midsummers eve
gold glint in yr eyes
midsummers night
my lover has me
full sun tomorrow
midsummers day
lets go out and play
autumn is coming

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