#503. river solstice

December 13, 2011

offers up december 
to the coming beauty
the coming truth of winter
is here and spring is coming
the water is still flowing under
wind ridged river ice fish are still 

#483. tears to come

October 27, 2011

tears to come set sail
when october cries with her wind in the rigging
the stillness of time becomes apparent
leaves become the signal
flags letting storms 
of snow to come
know why it is
that we wait 

#458. pittsburgh (for evvie

February 10, 2011

sometimes man its the poem not the poet 
time counts up the years and down
meeting space too is sacred water

sometimes man the grey rivers are so cold
and where they meet they are Oh Cold
meeting and roiling new waters

sometimes man february is a song for spring
snow and ice singing on the rivers
helping a child to the morning

sometimes man the function follows form
space and form following functioning
warmth following spring and cold

#452. longest night

January 5, 2011

into present solstice
being the frozen moment
capturing quiet winter time
snowing going silently forward
passing spring time understanding
that under today’s fall summer sleeps


#449. blizzard steps

December 27, 2010

the snowy
tracks ghost
steps so lightly
over silver moon
shadows that echos
resound between tenses
of lives living lived to live
under the arbitrary pressure
in the endless new year coming

i cannot help counting the flakes
looking for duplicate crystals  

#185. blizzard

February 26, 2010

quiet this morning
snow quiet
almost silent


just another flake
hoping the thaw
never comes

#184. season for friends

February 25, 2010

snow strobes
the bright dusk
my friends reveal
visions healing
dreams in colors
against the white
snow strobes

and a crocus shoots green
up through the slush

#155. Snow Motion

January 27, 2010

across snow
creating parallel lines.
near enough to
our new life
to cause my tears to freeze
in thier ducts.

Lovely crystals shine prisms
to calm and delight me.

#133. Gratitude

January 5, 2010

What errand brings
that huddled form out in the great white
Not my joy
else he’d be striding
arms flying
snow feeling.

What Light controls my eyes?

#128. old one (for rich

December 31, 2009

old one
going new one
on its way
all the people need a change
least ways that’s what they say.
lake is frozen over
except for a snow covered spot
that’s the place i find
a lot.

a blue moon lights the way.

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