#237. terrorized

April 19, 2010

within us in the world we
smother the flame
which is creation
sterilize the earth
which cradles
desecrate the waters
which heal
stifle the air
which animates
poison the wood
which builds
within us in the world

returns destruction
returns self destruction

is the journey back

#65. Step One

October 29, 2009

The tide rushes out
so does care and pain
all need to maintain mastery
dew from grass to wind.

The deep blossomed flower
accents the bees probing
need without loss of self
actually benefits thrives
gains through loss.

An inner flame glows unattended
burns as a star when cultivated
fed with life’s debris
needing recognition to flower
rather than smother.

Hold a dandelion puffball in your palm
the wind controls
holding tight crushes the frail life
an open hand loses the fragile cathedral
but guarantees the radiant fearless moment.

Turn over and over the benefit
of the loss of control of the loss
of loss a gift for health life
and the gain of all to follow.

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