#504. path

December 14, 2011

today i am walking with the river
enjoying all the bodhisattva ghosts
their elemental voices are music
taking me out of the silence of time
drifting against the clear smoke
teaching my mind to think in light

#448. winter solstice prep

December 19, 2010

in sensation
smoke curls
in cold whirl
oak door slam
ice spear drops
orange flames
bursts redsheen
friends all on a couch
blankets porcelain tea cups
dogs curled asleep on the floor 

#431. it’s elementary

November 13, 2010

i am learning 
great days
pigments thick on my fingers
ancient childs brushes alive
grey canvas
all opening up

#419. past holy weekend

November 1, 2010

connected by beautiful smoke
wisps between the dimensions
all the ghosts occupied at living
before dying simultaneously time
in time a delicate constant dancing
each with all the others steps and songs 

#389. logotherapy

September 20, 2010

atop the moss
mould turning earth
bound stepping lightly
springing through sunlight
towards the water in every
direction and quiet meaning hangs
with the bright dust and the spicy sharp
scent of leaves turning many colors brings
beloved you and our small golden dog into focus

#355. atlas unlimited

August 15, 2010

vast map
my dreams
a pin dropped
life truly pointed
in a direction calling
me to the expressions
I need to do more than
survive in the woven strings

the daily real
is as unlimited as anything else
in the Endless

vast map
calls dreams
drops sharp pins
pointing life’s true
directions calling me
to the many expressions
i need to weave and to survive
more than the strings that are mine

#354. saturn night

August 14, 2010

the nail
bridge high
sharing it all
cool fulton evening
air fun
when the now
is Now
string of lights
stumbling home and to bed with you

the corner
of this reality
over a stone steel
bridge half shrouded
in the rising east river mist
a cool song catches a tiny
breeze unhindered by
all the night noise
or drifting pot

suddenly the city shines
and my headache dissolves

green shoot
growing in the diamond
sand learning healing
dancing smoke
in the wind off the sea

#69. watch

November 2, 2009

it’s a blue and grey
stay away day
sweaty beneath sheets
mourn the sharp corner
turn around the sharp corner
coffin brown coughing
drain slide down
into it
monolith heavy death
watch it
de blue electric eye
it watch

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