#449. blizzard steps

December 27, 2010

the snowy
tracks ghost
steps so lightly
over silver moon
shadows that echos
resound between tenses
of lives living lived to live
under the arbitrary pressure
in the endless new year coming

i cannot help counting the flakes
looking for duplicate crystals  

#390. stargaze

September 21, 2010

if the colors within you
reflect the clear night sky
then come to know the meaning
of travelling starwards within the depths
of your lover’s eyes

#388. sunday night match

September 19, 2010

a large joy
jointly created
with all intention
played and mated
with each others’ pieces

afloat the dream opens closes
eyes gone deep into high
soul shadows love
knows the way

#286. walk back

June 7, 2010

razor life never changes
fear on the edge of shadows
behind the concrete barriers
under the ramp of brooklyn
bridge a small fire across time
gathers several spirit shapes
flickering made large across time
the bottom never changes

#278. so long obi wan

May 30, 2010

not having had
the masterclass today
i remember to notice
more dearly more
clearly the shadows
silhouettes and highlights
of sun at play on the waters
of the east river crinkling
dancing through me connected
in waves found in time
to show me a masterway
my ghosted way

#169. Wish

February 10, 2010

standing under the light
of the starfield
i understand the reason
why we only wish on one star
a night

shadow dark and shadow stark
first shadow i see makes me mark

#124. the timeless endless

December 27, 2009

of old men and women
are never really old except
that a shadow is entire
from navel
to crown
from root
to creation
from timeless
to endless

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