#33. A Shy Song

September 28, 2009

A Shy Song

It feels so enduring
within your bed
that it endears you
within my heart.

You cross your arms
and lithely turn
your back enticing
my arousal.

Like the years
which are to come
you invite me within
and I can barely wait.

#21. A woman playing chess—

September 17, 2009

A woman playing chess—

concentrating on her opponent
               lover          easy mark.
He bent to the board
         her will       flirty eyes.
Her deliberation is immense
           intense             penetrating.

I who try cannot flash
         across her eyes        mind      life.
The boy is in trouble
           taking it hard      withdrawing.

She smiles and it threatens him
             takes him          takes aim at him.
When the mate is checked
          checkmate         checking her mate

she crosses the board
        moves around the table
caresses his hair
         delicately picks up his king
and puts her tongue
         in his mouth.

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