#184. season for friends

February 25, 2010

snow strobes
the bright dusk
my friends reveal
visions healing
dreams in colors
against the white
snow strobes

and a crocus shoots green
up through the slush

#150. Hey Adam (winter

January 22, 2010

Hey Adam (winter

in all the shadowy absences
of a barren season shine highlights.
things shared remain more than memory.
inspiration does not allow sorrow
to remain
nor does spring allow winter.

#30. Seasoned

September 25, 2009

The bells chime
Randomly calling out
Summer’s end
Cheerful in the moment
Melancholy as the tone
Draws out.
The leaves rustle dryly
Although their color
Is still green
We lay with no covers
In the evening
But the cool night pulls us together
Under the wool.

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