#497. tis the season

December 7, 2011

ran some errands today
endured the noise 
christmas crowds push
they seemed tired
this odd warm angry year
does not matter
walking through the door
when you smile up
at me and the dog runs up
for her belly rubs

#487. splashes

November 27, 2011

are not always
the color of water
and leaves sometimes lead
round stones and sharp 
rocks flowing over this dream
bridge sweet black and grey 
seasons than this
autumn waiting snow
drifts ice thickening deep
muffles the rivers sweet 

#452. longest night

January 5, 2011

into present solstice
being the frozen moment
capturing quiet winter time
snowing going silently forward
passing spring time understanding
that under today’s fall summer sleeps


#366. summer chill

August 26, 2010

and now the season
begins to fade
the leaves
and i
the children
playing by sunny
shores not believing
in the school bell’s peal

#170. christina’s line

February 11, 2010

brooklyn is dripping
from bridge to bridge
to bridge.
steam rising across the river
has to be bburgh.
the ice and slush makes the borough shine.
water flows from the heights
and makes of the car tires’ song
a different winter tune.

the many facets of a nor’easter’s beauty evolve towards the seasons
to come.

#150. Hey Adam (winter

January 22, 2010

Hey Adam (winter

in all the shadowy absences
of a barren season shine highlights.
things shared remain more than memory.
inspiration does not allow sorrow
to remain
nor does spring allow winter.

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