#462. dear class

February 27, 2011

i am so 
and so
scramble my brain 
eggs into sculptures 
poem omelettes
tired of over easy

return is another change
in time to
baffle time
and myself
one more time

#188. Love Letters

March 1, 2010

love letters
are found
in the fragrant petals
of the intimate rose
are found
in the golden beams
of the rampant sun
are found in the heated seductions
of vivid dreams
are found
in the clear ideas
of sculptured poems

#96. Repousse’ (for april

November 29, 2009

Well formed.
In relief
with the sweetness of silver
or gold
or bronze
copper also.
It is so much labor
to start from tar
and hammered metal.

So bright the pattern
so bright the smith.

#43. The Green Stone

October 8, 2009

The Green Stone

As I look

at the stone
I have purchased

trying to make out
the lurky shape

that lives within
I sense the questing

that dwells beneath
that shy and tender

smooth and glowing
skin that covers

your within.

These are new

these tools
I use

to caress you
but unlike a relief

I do not chip
at your surface

but at my own
to bring forth

clear the dust
and find the depth

of the us in we.

Of the senses

we use our touch
which was somehow

lost like green stone
beneath the earth

new born
on each others’ skin

I feel your breast rise
to my hand and tongue

and yours against
mine a soft rasp

I gasp to know more.

#18. As The Days

September 14, 2009

As the days

go by
I learn more and more
the meaning of being loved.
And the meaning of be loved.

The sparkle of the metal
within the warm shadowy green
inspires me to a golden sculpture.

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