#245. three day rain

April 27, 2010

the edge
of the storm
is sharp blue
lightening against deep grey

clear air
crying birds
full rushing river
sweeping past the pier pilings

worth the wait

american memory
in absentia
Rush the clown
runs down the rabbit hole
a belief in anything for a buck
our problems are a result
of conservative design
devolution serves the right
media hypes typecast
our culture enspheres
the globe believes
and as it believes
it kills even while it tries to heal
and rush the clown
flushes the chumps
who provide him
with a super-deluxe
rabbit hole.

#93 The Secret Names Of Women

November 26, 2009

The Secret Names Of Women

are as magnets or aphrodisiacs to me.
The flush and rush
of intimacy
new found first kiss
makes my skin
I need the gentle nipple erection ecstasy
new born beneath my thumb
to decipher the vast NOW
of desire and joy.

And then comes that moment
when She relaxes and enjoys Herself.
Wholly and Holy
Goddess and Woman
Maiden and Mistress
all women and herself only.
In that moment
I know her secret name.
And sometimes
so does she.

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