petals fall
thorns crumble
green greys
scents fade away

is a blues note
played in the key
of missing thee

here is a hand
to hold in yours
while you take
your burning stand

ashes ashes
we all fall down

#339. estuary breeze

July 30, 2010

with the asphalt
soft under foot
the afternoon
sun begins to
change hue
to blush
rose flame
crimson rays
orange through
the city canyons
to the cool hudson

#337. flicker flame

July 28, 2010

it’s a long dark journey to nowhere
it’s a blues you choose to sing
the river’s edge will never stop you
the harbor bottom will not care

on the endless road to a whole heart
you’ll find everyone you need
so love them without lonely greed
then your soul will never break apart

#315. baby flame

July 6, 2010

baby flame
in the universe
of daughters
know thyself
as a child
of thyself
and rejoice
that you can
still weep

laugh curling
red with petals
of flame
gentle sparkler
aware ruby
focused light
no dark disguise
will diffuse
the trickster
who once a stranger
now knows me
and laughs

#188. Love Letters

March 1, 2010

love letters
are found
in the fragrant petals
of the intimate rose
are found
in the golden beams
of the rampant sun
are found in the heated seductions
of vivid dreams
are found
in the clear ideas
of sculptured poems

#167. Sunflower Gift

February 8, 2010

for the sunflower gift.
The embodimentof a healing aura
which will dazzle me
if I let it
if you
let it.

The sunflower gift
purple status and shifting greens
and yellow too.
Where’s the rose?

It is your key
that only you may hold.

#19. Treadmill Jailor

September 15, 2009

Do you see this rose?
Do you see this face?
These parallel shadows?

Yr eyes have open’d the box
of my dreams.
Despair would close it
but yr eyes insist.

The cat pads over to the stereo
nose exploring
and puts on some Dylan.
Much closer to morphine than Morphine.

The tender embraces of women
torture in my cell.
My expectations are the collar
which marks me.
Defeats me.

Then you smile.

Do you want this rose?
Do you need this face?
These parallel shadows?

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