#387. traveller

September 18, 2010

if i
or not
time moves
me out of now
at the speed my
synapses fire off at
the same rate as i die

redeemed by the eyes of my lover
my own eyes close and cry
and time means naught

in truth i live
in fact i die

#120. Community Of Hardship

December 23, 2009

Community of hardship.

fighting the civil
war has never
thought it was over.

full of the ghosts
of prosperity past
fearful present
and future dust
must find the redemption
the revolution
to be found
in the whirlwind
of our families
and friends.

winter is here
spring is coming.

There is a siren
And a shoe
Down out
Thru smoke and a lying
clear blue sky
Keeping pace with its owner
As we plummet
Through fear to find
The rest
Of all our Earth.

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