#472. became today

May 26, 2011

all the trains
and all the shadows
tunnels of red light green
beams scurry grey grey as ghosts
now we become new york ghosts as well

the sign of the times is the light thru the grate

#448. winter solstice prep

December 19, 2010

in sensation
smoke curls
in cold whirl
oak door slam
ice spear drops
orange flames
bursts redsheen
friends all on a couch
blankets porcelain tea cups
dogs curled asleep on the floor 

#409. published

October 20, 2010

up a red leaf
maple and small
that the crisp wind
brought announcing
softly winter

petals fall
thorns crumble
green greys
scents fade away

is a blues note
played in the key
of missing thee

here is a hand
to hold in yours
while you take
your burning stand

ashes ashes
we all fall down

#339. estuary breeze

July 30, 2010

with the asphalt
soft under foot
the afternoon
sun begins to
change hue
to blush
rose flame
crimson rays
orange through
the city canyons
to the cool hudson

and the bricks
with thier red dust
hand mixed with water
mud filling space filled with air
with walls and an oven for the bread

doubting nothing the bright woman
kneads the dough as her children
do thier chores
and laugh

#337. flicker flame

July 28, 2010

it’s a long dark journey to nowhere
it’s a blues you choose to sing
the river’s edge will never stop you
the harbor bottom will not care

on the endless road to a whole heart
you’ll find everyone you need
so love them without lonely greed
then your soul will never break apart

#326. commerce

July 17, 2010

dawn stalks me
and stalls my dreams
the red light breaks
my heart with its strength
the dog licks my toes
i rise and put myself together
for another drab day
of doing deals

the sweet evening seems so far off

#315. baby flame

July 6, 2010

baby flame
in the universe
of daughters
know thyself
as a child
of thyself
and rejoice
that you can
still weep

#205. red crying

March 18, 2010

the tears
the eyes
the memories
the dreams
the dreamer

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