#299. earth and swan

June 20, 2010

for myself as papa
without my kids again
midfathers day laughing
with lover wife playing
tug of war with the dog
i still know the truth
of the experience heart
love and time gave us
my children and will
wait as long as i can
as you need

#283. lost

June 4, 2010

without a word
the little girl
draws me in
small and bouncing flirt
who pushes me
to my memories
of my own children
lost so long ago
that only their vague shapes
remain to me

#282. rachael

June 3, 2010

the pure water
sparkled less than you did
giggling at two minutes
an old soul teaching me
about the sun through the flecks
of dust on a morning
alive with gold
a tall summer tree rustling
in your waking breaths
is the moment of gift
which is all the fire
that i have of you

#196. My Portion

March 9, 2010

After a desert
of dust and ash
how cool and pleasant to drink
from a well
no matter the distance
or how unknown
the water bearer.


I know She makes this a holy place
an oasis
a source of goodness.


Am I able to touch her
in this same way?


Shall we draw water
dance around the well
in a dance
we can only do together?


The ancient stars know.

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