it’s quiet in the noisy market
as purple kholrabi scream
hot malaysian cashews
chatter with the old
tiny women over
locally grown 
sour cherries
volunteers groan
and shave ice blocks
out the highway moaning
with the muffled shade made
in the noise of the quiet market

#300. harbor reach

June 21, 2010

out in the harbor
the noise recedes
fades into the ancient
sounds of wind on sails
water slapping the hull
time is changed
my spirit lifts in the breeze

#239. vision kiss

April 21, 2010

the way
to the wisdom of us
is the grey grey view
through the quiet rain
droplets change common space
time splashes into deep puddles
perceptions create a realm
where clarity and mystery
kiss and tell under the overpass

#225. a glimpse

April 7, 2010

the day
has twisted
my thoughts into tempests
thwarted desires
lead me to the foot
of the bridge
my stone
is worn smooth
by the quiet noise
of the Endless

#185. blizzard

February 26, 2010

quiet this morning
snow quiet
almost silent


just another flake
hoping the thaw
never comes

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