#517. traveller

December 27, 2011

time is the queen of forget
the night deep in bright dreams
flying thru time the past is divided
from tomorrow with adventures and meaning
barely to be perceived fog spiraling off the stern of now

burning winter
sharpening storms
underneath rose blue
sky and clouds shining
a swift green river down
seawards colors evaporating
rushing away today from tomorrow
the plank still flecked with paint
tosses its journey in time
with the world’s

where in time
is experience
not in now
or future
inspiration wisdom and action
where in time the work gets done

#412. meme me

October 24, 2010

time all counts
the future desired memories
infinite listening
seeing pictures in past time
to know even
the now added to the stories
count the time

the small hound yawns in the sunshine
translating time into memory
i forget to think
and only look
and listen

#407. for shawn colvin

October 16, 2010

the voice
truest wave
sine of the number
she’s singing
sweet steinway notes
carrying present future
past the fear
in our sharp blue psyches

you are right
the heart clears in harmony
with guitars

lost in the future
where no one knows me
in the now unknown by most
i can wait for leaves to change
childhood into past where everyone knew me

there comes a time when
you know and then its
well known love
can i live with you
always in time transporting
now it seems calm
when it stretches grabs moves
from this time to then time
flexes waves over
reaches peaks valleys
never seen in time before
all time ensphered disintegrates joins


forward through
memories to come

open to the sky
brothers still brothers
our moments are ours
shared sharp sure

brothers no matter
the present
our childhood remains

#215. past lately

March 28, 2010

been late
for you
i am ok being
on time
or late
but this moment
as with all the others
will outgrow the past
moments and outlast
the future ones
been late
you are on time
for me

#120. Community Of Hardship

December 23, 2009

Community of hardship.

fighting the civil
war has never
thought it was over.

full of the ghosts
of prosperity past
fearful present
and future dust
must find the redemption
the revolution
to be found
in the whirlwind
of our families
and friends.

winter is here
spring is coming.

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