i could talk
but could not be heard
for the white flour clogging my veins
my face is caked cake with no sugar or dreams
old man rivers a barking dog to change the schedule by an hour
or an entire history of mirrors broken and so submerged sisyphus
you may follow or just take a picture or write a poem make a choice so
as a king i think this is it

#524. caucus

January 4, 2012

local science
political silence roaring
what is your favorite color
how have you hidden your fear
hold that jewel towards the light
return the smile the night is coming
are you occupied or are you occupying?


how much tea in that bag

the proof of evolution are those
who do not believe
in the fact
of it

how much tea in that bag

fear sprays
ripples of insanity
permeate the ice cream
of spoiled american lives

how much tea in that bag

we have
the right
to bare

how much tea in that bag

we are a democracy
we have the politicians
and government
we are responsible for

how much tea in that bag

live to work
or work to live
or not to work
at all

how much tea in that bag

if you believe that god
gave humanity free will
then you believe that god
believes in choice

how much tea in that bag

disturbed by
the american
storm of dreams
deep in my chromosomes

#172. finishing

February 13, 2010

keep history
from finding out
or remembering
will the american civil war
in a messy and nasty finale
be bookended by Abraham Lincoln
in the ninteenth century
and by Barack Obama
in the twenty-first?

#166. we the purple file

February 7, 2010

it is with deep feeling
that we the people
have to ask
what ever happened to the daily
purple file of we the people
are here to help you
you lead and we will have your back
if you get lost in the bubble
we will have to teach you
with our votes.

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