#496. wife

December 6, 2011

i tasted your river in my dream
spices body heat steam rising 
above deep eyes are liquid
sleep to travel future 
days slip behind us
blending us

#495. afternoon ache

December 5, 2011

came down 
today crowds
hustled and sighed
under shelter wrapped
tight shivering peering
puzzling over the homeless
woman turning beaming sunshine
she walks dry within the winter rain

#494. napping nonet

December 4, 2011

reflecting no more to shine only 
to rest to fade to be inspired
resisting the fade resting
shining more reflecting
more resting only
to fade resist
fading be

#493. private lothlorien

December 3, 2011

sun in my face
crispy leaf space
brown hounds share it with me
there is the path
say yes and walk

listen creek water 
stones  and deep roots
join up clearly and sing
there by the path
late afternoon

air flying south
geese honking call
past the pale winter moon
there on the path
shadows go deep

lights flick alive
weave thru evergreens
up down familiar hills
there with the path
dogs lead me home

#492. hypnogogic reveries

December 2, 2011


is not as much fun

as creating

a new moment

of laughter

i can see your dancing eyes

when i close mine

very nearly

leaping into dreaming

the fog of the day clears

finally i can think

through my eyelids

every time you call my name

i am awake 

#491. december me world

December 1, 2011

december me world
shine and quicken thru the days
the year ends
and begins
yearly dance 
to bring the light back from night

#490. genesis walk

November 30, 2011

in vast
late november
purity all is color
in grey river whitecaps
I advance a moment in time
only to wheel and hurry back 
into the darkness in the beginning
was the word and the word was a lie
let there be light and dark became

#489. a glimpse

November 29, 2011

the day
has twisted
my thoughts into tempests
thwarted desires
lead me to the foot
of the bridge
my stone
is worn smooth
by the quiet noise
of the Endless

#488. child warriors

November 28, 2011

in rags
with one flip flop
between them handcuffs
shiny sharp their eyes turned
to what thoughts and fears ahead

are they hungry
will they be fed

#487. splashes

November 27, 2011

are not always
the color of water
and leaves sometimes lead
round stones and sharp 
rocks flowing over this dream
bridge sweet black and grey 
seasons than this
autumn waiting snow
drifts ice thickening deep
muffles the rivers sweet 

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