#523. please

January 4, 2012

help blog poet friends
i need your help
i am working on
a collection
with my 
would you share your favorites with me?

#512. three eves before

December 22, 2011

eyes below the river path
between the detritus sculptures
catching fire on the narrow ledge there
the low murmured song of homeless seekers
after shelter after finding a way to occupy december
night tonight and all the nights through holy breath and death
all is unknown except this broken glass ornament

#510. a poem in three words

December 20, 2011

a poem in three words

banking system

#504. path

December 14, 2011

today i am walking with the river
enjoying all the bodhisattva ghosts
their elemental voices are music
taking me out of the silence of time
drifting against the clear smoke
teaching my mind to think in light

#503. river solstice

December 13, 2011

offers up december 
to the coming beauty
the coming truth of winter
is here and spring is coming
the water is still flowing under
wind ridged river ice fish are still 

a recipe in her own hand for cocoanut cake
i could sure go for some fresh poet cake
bake me a cocoanut cake emily

the words are so familiar 
flour eggs cocoanut cream of tartar 
butter sugar milk makes one half the rule

i can bake the cake but not taste yours 
but reading  your poems i taste
your words mind voice

i can live with that
on a bright day 
in manhattan

sent looking
i found the willow
and the growing wheat
the strong broad stream
filled with muscular shiny creatures
ready to leap out of the water out of the depths
to start the fire on the muddy banks of the holy ordinary

left-handed her smile foreshadows adventures awaiting
continuing down the long ancient intent dream
to unknown harvests and long leaves
guiding us on the waters
capturing the words
for us to know who
that heart is

#500. totem poem

December 10, 2011

bottom of the sea
top of the ocean
salt water in between

human we gather
for a last meal 
we gather the totems
wear our ancient masks 
hold on to sparkling 
figures in memories
sustained thru time
to comfort and upset us

bottom of the sea
top of the ocean
salt water in between

we create art from meaning
it is so hard to give up a child
a father a lover a wife an old life
the prison of desire
is a prism to look through at death
my little fragment of rope
desperately tied and retied
holds me in this circle

bottom of the sea
top of the ocean
salt water in between

#499. east river

December 9, 2011

still water
now december
the leaves having fallen
begin their journey back to energy
can see it reflected in the excited
calm of my friends’ eyes
the river flows 
to spring

#497. tis the season

December 7, 2011

ran some errands today
endured the noise 
christmas crowds push
they seemed tired
this odd warm angry year
does not matter
walking through the door
when you smile up
at me and the dog runs up
for her belly rubs

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