#441. significator

November 28, 2010

time is not enough
nor is love alone
dreaming mind
combines now
then will be
the endless
in time
love passion
mind dreaming
alone now will be
not enough but alone
is the endless is enough


#390. stargaze

September 21, 2010

if the colors within you
reflect the clear night sky
then come to know the meaning
of travelling starwards within the depths
of your lover’s eyes

#388. sunday night match

September 19, 2010

a large joy
jointly created
with all intention
played and mated
with each others’ pieces

afloat the dream opens closes
eyes gone deep into high
soul shadows love
knows the way

#368. editor meditates

August 28, 2010

sargasso desert
fruit branch
brain scissors too to
a manyhanded labor more
passionate at last a passion
revealed rejoicement

#310. mom

July 1, 2010

remember your
eyes gentle tender
brown flashing
dark with passion
i always knew you cared

beauty is crying
bleeding birds
because of the words laughing
desperate diamonds
art shouting
empathic eons
imagination embracing
cloudy children
passion singing
low laughs
tenderness understanding
mad mountains
of an artist
reaching alone and across
death before my birth

without truth
there are only bells
stuffed with dead rain

#225. a glimpse

April 7, 2010

the day
has twisted
my thoughts into tempests
thwarted desires
lead me to the foot
of the bridge
my stone
is worn smooth
by the quiet noise
of the Endless

#158 Th Woman (more)

January 30, 2010

Th woman
to curl cool
nourish plant poet wolf

the red rises flaunts
her stuff passion
as flame

as soil
city bred heavy
as the fine reggae bass

turns all fantasy sails
into elementals
as air


curve into lust
a round
lust oil
desire finds the sun
tan worlds.

#91. good night

November 24, 2009


to have someone
who says goodnight
and to feel the weight
of that passion pressed
upon my own unguarded
desire is to comprehend the endless.

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