#448. winter solstice prep

December 19, 2010

in sensation
smoke curls
in cold whirl
oak door slam
ice spear drops
orange flames
bursts redsheen
friends all on a couch
blankets porcelain tea cups
dogs curled asleep on the floor 

#339. estuary breeze

July 30, 2010

with the asphalt
soft under foot
the afternoon
sun begins to
change hue
to blush
rose flame
crimson rays
orange through
the city canyons
to the cool hudson

#323. pleasure (for me

July 14, 2010

lost a day
at work by working
thru time
in the now all day

no lunch

home at last
a wonderful orange waiting

you dream such soulful dreams
i’m glad that you share them with me
they explode
all my black and white themes
turning them orange
and green.

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