it’s quiet in the noisy market
as purple kholrabi scream
hot malaysian cashews
chatter with the old
tiny women over
locally grown 
sour cherries
volunteers groan
and shave ice blocks
out the highway moaning
with the muffled shade made
in the noise of the quiet market

#457. no more rice or salt

January 29, 2011

once you go you’re gone
down the ghost subway 
no more rice or salt
to feel or make

old dreams young
and young dreams old
the sea returns me
and by the sea i escape

the compass
in my bakers hand
encircles my flying mind
crowns and directs me found

#424. cycled

November 6, 2010

my mothers
eyes look out through mine
and so i know
more about her at last memory
than the child
hiding the old man i am now
become grey 

#413. classic recipe

October 25, 2010

beer and football
bread and circuses
its an old fucking story
seems to work for power
teabaggers take close heed
its an ancient form of slavery

#363. it got so

August 23, 2010

work again

thought so
so it got so


how did
it get so



#361. working man

August 21, 2010

saw a young friend
grow old tonight
the spark in his eye
dimmed swagger
gone i want to weep

for who

#160. untitled angst

February 1, 2010

how life goes
from time to
is biology babe

creaky and tired-eyed
cranky old wolf tonight

#141. Age & Acid

January 13, 2010

twenty minutes.
Endless night. Old man on
the corner. Silent winter ends
in light.

Mostly America
doesn’t comb its hair
in the morning.

#128. old one (for rich

December 31, 2009

old one
going new one
on its way
all the people need a change
least ways that’s what they say.
lake is frozen over
except for a snow covered spot
that’s the place i find
a lot.

a blue moon lights the way.

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