#517. traveller

December 27, 2011

time is the queen of forget
the night deep in bright dreams
flying thru time the past is divided
from tomorrow with adventures and meaning
barely to be perceived fog spiraling off the stern of now

#412. meme me

October 24, 2010

time all counts
the future desired memories
infinite listening
seeing pictures in past time
to know even
the now added to the stories
count the time

the small hound yawns in the sunshine
translating time into memory
i forget to think
and only look
and listen

lost in the future
where no one knows me
in the now unknown by most
i can wait for leaves to change
childhood into past where everyone knew me

#347. fatigue

August 7, 2010

now and then
no time for knowing
mixing phrases and losing
words and names my vision
splitting my dream from my mind

#332. tumbling

July 23, 2010

back down the path
memorized marblized emotions
fuck with me and i cry old tears
but your clear eyes find mine
returning me to now

#323. pleasure (for me

July 14, 2010

lost a day
at work by working
thru time
in the now all day

no lunch

home at last
a wonderful orange waiting

#187. Th Woman (more)

February 28, 2010

Th woman
as sleep
opened twice
lips lips & dreams.

full silk slip

as sleep
awake enough love
and now slick time.



knows falling
shoot high anyway
gets me thru
the other side of the world.


Th woman
as song no song
has music or rhythm enough
for yr blaze of spirit
red and yellow
as yr little hairs.


is a space on her bed
i can sometimes use
if i tongue her

touch her shoulder
she asleaping
me trying to.

the arc
of the poet
reaches beyond the physical
beyond imagination
into the reality
of the common

the arc
of the poet
lays across the heart
swelling the mind
and intersecting
the spirit
of the curious.

the arc
of the poet
touches remotely
stirring the intimate
of the everyday

the arc
of the poet
extends beyond
the arms length
of the composer
deeply and beyond measure
into the Endless.


the arc
of the poet
extends beyond
and behind
to connect
the poet to every thing
the poet needs.

#93 The Secret Names Of Women

November 26, 2009

The Secret Names Of Women

are as magnets or aphrodisiacs to me.
The flush and rush
of intimacy
new found first kiss
makes my skin
I need the gentle nipple erection ecstasy
new born beneath my thumb
to decipher the vast NOW
of desire and joy.

And then comes that moment
when She relaxes and enjoys Herself.
Wholly and Holy
Goddess and Woman
Maiden and Mistress
all women and herself only.
In that moment
I know her secret name.
And sometimes
so does she.

#84. Countdown

November 17, 2009

The Finginning

it is


you see

you don’t

it is


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