#529. walk before bed

January 20, 2012

off season
the river and the moon
paint me in night in chill wind chime
out on the pier thrusts my walking mind
upon the harbor one ghost sail raised for home
the planks the pilings the broken tangled gear weathered 
seen off through gathering fog by myself and the golden hound

anchored between the river and dark solstice
i take comfort in the bright knowledge
that the light is growing surely now
with reflections off the ripples
catching the city of spring
pivoting returning hope
from day to night 
now back again
towards day

#480. ripples

September 15, 2011

my life robbed me of my life
and gave it all back to me

in the river are all the rivers
suns and moons 
and all the days the nights
gleam shadow wed the dark light

honey you are all my rivers 
and all my wife
sailing up the wide wide stream 
boat dream knife


#423. gorks

November 5, 2010

look back
fall forward
present is sweet
life overwhelms pain
the world is not you or me
but joyous us and the golden hound

the day is
and the night also

#408. another monday night

October 18, 2010

the evening
brings the night
and my lover home
to me

the candle
glows its light
and my lover comes
to bed

#307. time to know

June 28, 2010

with friends
the sun shines
but the clouds come
and the rain is a relief
leading everyone home
with the red sun set
the evening chill
brings back
the joy

#302. south street walk

June 23, 2010

summer leaves
crisping not
air dense
as a rye bread
baking on lower
east side
up and out
bodies disperse
finding spaces
to catch
dream floats
across the starry
river where brooklyn
she smiles
cooling us
walkers at night

#298. solstice

June 19, 2010

sun on skin today
midsummers eve
gold glint in yr eyes
midsummers night
my lover has me
full sun tomorrow
midsummers day
lets go out and play
autumn is coming

#265. is lost

May 17, 2010

is lost

passing dreams
lightly touched
night time
goes by in a
sweat coming
on dawn
a sweet breeze
untangles me

but the dream

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