#327. evening

July 18, 2010

the air has stilled not cooled
sunday family strollers
content to find their rides
cars subway stairs down
tourist busses head up town
with late diners in cabs
making their last decision
of the weekend

my girl and i slow down
and let the dog lead us home

#288. horizon

June 9, 2010

age is my ever changing adventure
confusing my words deep in the night
the impatient slap and surge of the east
river’s musical journey through the arches
of brooklyn bridge helps me to sweet sleep

the heart


and yours

all of us really



seduces and composes

and if listening is


waiting is

the space

between sad visiting

or cocktails

and crowded subway rides


with the muses.

#219. spring brings

April 1, 2010

spring brings

me to the river

just like the tide brings

the drifting



winter breakages

valued once

as something


now it rots

unless a poem saves it


the drifter

reclaims it

for her dinner

#197. Angels

March 10, 2010

The angel world
angel street
Babylon arises
in might
every working day
at night
the angel girls
with angel heat
suffer joy
in mad heaven carnivals.
O New Rome girls!

The clouds above New York City
are blooming
like crowds in the late afternoon.

Hey Adam

the city my
city our
city awakens
bright lightshafts
illumine the golden graffitti
the shifting Harlem River
then the Hudson
multi-hued october palisades
every leaf a spirit
this home.

Hey Adam

Home is behind you
riding backwards toward
letting go
so the leaves
can fall
find thier own home
and the spring to come.

Hey Adam

So this city
lives on
a train going through it
I still can feel you
riding beside me
you and all the others
into the Endless.

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