with fragile stone
people are hurrying
scurrying raindrops home
but i am on a walk to walk over
the brooklyn bridge to smell the sea
and hear poetry and to sing with the poets
all the ayes all the masts intertwined with cables
steel gray sky breathing with us as we amble and stride
strive to hear the music the words the horn of the ferries bright
beyond the underneath the promenade still stands fast greenheart
of the fragile forest


#504. path

December 14, 2011

today i am walking with the river
enjoying all the bodhisattva ghosts
their elemental voices are music
taking me out of the silence of time
drifting against the clear smoke
teaching my mind to think in light

the continuous
art of the start readin
writin rythm tickin curiosity
and all that jazz you read about
on the paper napkin the poet spoke
and fed her brain

#402. another why

October 6, 2010

the way you laugh
in pure unguarded concentration
eyes shining stars
liquid music for your thirsty lover

a small thing
but beyond value

#334. honey sleeping

July 25, 2010

storm shards illuminate the dreams
water in sheets and the thunder
dogs barking across the valley
across the lake with children
dancing between the peaks

regarded dreamer gently the changes
flicker in time with your eyelids

#331. reverie

July 22, 2010

the sea spreads
rises beyond
its banks
the bridge
inside a cloud
to fall as the rain

#330. brightside

July 21, 2010

the whip falls hard
cracks my back
i hardly feel it
because of your eyes
and the calm
starryness within
their bright depths

#329. still

July 20, 2010


#328. end of day

July 19, 2010

passing out
my thoughts
drift away
your softness
my comfort
your breathy
sweet voice
a joyous lullaby

#319. saturday cinquain

July 10, 2010

break in
the hot weather
people back on the streets
the sound of water is city

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