#548 mused

August 15, 2012


in the red dream
i see your heart flow
we hold on to each other
meet eyes across distances
much greater than ages or pain
pooling liquid salt water defeat death
daring to be father darling daughter to the spirit core

#528. afterglowing

January 17, 2012

cast twilight as an hour and inspiration withers time
embrace twilight as the change it is and inspiration knows no temporal limit
the little death has passed and he feels again the pressure of thought
she still holds the languid wave of him within her needing no more
writing the muse is the seduction of addiction telling beauty

telling beauty 
all believe 
do not

#494. napping nonet

December 4, 2011

reflecting no more to shine only 
to rest to fade to be inspired
resisting the fade resting
shining more reflecting
more resting only
to fade resist
fading be

where in time
is experience
not in now
or future
inspiration wisdom and action
where in time the work gets done

i am the caretaker
of my father’s tears
my mother’s clay face
doused his fire
the grass grows long
over her ashes

oh death
the changes you bring
are hard to bear
but those same changes
are hope and beauty

the air is somehow
sweeter now

#239. vision kiss

April 21, 2010

the way
to the wisdom of us
is the grey grey view
through the quiet rain
droplets change common space
time splashes into deep puddles
perceptions create a realm
where clarity and mystery
kiss and tell under the overpass

the heart


and yours

all of us really



seduces and composes

and if listening is


waiting is

the space

between sad visiting

or cocktails

and crowded subway rides


with the muses.

and crazed
words ideas emotions
then trickling
and now pouring
on my way again
taking the chances

thank you
to all my muses

#156. Once a tom cat

January 28, 2010

once a cat licked the mortal dust from its fur
groomed down through time and his own fate
knowing purrs emanate pure disinterest in his own

once a poet cast a shining eye on the world’s web
grew up through time a wide understanding of beauty
truth a delicate force ensphering other creators
in the endless.

who is to tell what is once and what is still to come?

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