#191. a moment ago

March 4, 2010

a moment ago
the car was so full

jostled people exit
an old woman falls
gathered by the herd
and gone

now there are only two of us left
no strangers
fingers folded laced
a newspaper

soon last stop
brooklyn bridge
everyone must leave the train
brooklyn bridge
all us ghosts remain

rough playground
under the ancient Points
nodding drunk
dead or alive
in his own piss
morning rush
half a car empty
because of this member
of the Endless.
who was he?
a vet a dad a son a lover a friend
a heart filled with pain.
i could of stopped the train
or gotten off
at canal to tell and help
but i rode to bleecker
my job competing with compassion
i told the mta counter woman
she stopped the train
the infinite paths of many
fragile ghosts changed.

trying to separate from the Endless
we merge with it.
i merge with it.

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