#457. no more rice or salt

January 29, 2011

once you go you’re gone
down the ghost subway 
no more rice or salt
to feel or make

old dreams young
and young dreams old
the sea returns me
and by the sea i escape

the compass
in my bakers hand
encircles my flying mind
crowns and directs me found

#441. significator

November 28, 2010

time is not enough
nor is love alone
dreaming mind
combines now
then will be
the endless
in time
love passion
mind dreaming
alone now will be
not enough but alone
is the endless is enough


#414. silly

October 27, 2010

deep are the reflecting pools
of gentle laughing golden light
steady and dancing contrary
diverting the iced logical mind
to the warmth of open heart

this is why i often laugh when you say
i dont understand why you love me

#391. soul whisper taffy

September 22, 2010

sleep comes

dreams with all
their lovely strength
and dangerous power
tantalize the unconcious
mind and stretch deep tendrils

sleep comes

with the light
of the young all around
the darkness
still makes itself known

time crawling
from the birth of mind
then speeding
through immortal years

and exploding
as the endless becomes
so apparent
and rest approaches

with the light
of wisdom all around
the darkness
becomes beloved known

#347. fatigue

August 7, 2010

now and then
no time for knowing
mixing phrases and losing
words and names my vision
splitting my dream from my mind

#303. yr new iphone

June 24, 2010

and pressed
more than human
more than an apple
reconnected dizzy life
dancing fingers eyes spirit

compassionate mind
secret choice
picking what matters.
social being
with the others.
clear moments
sharing gleaming
clustered connection
spinning webs
unified happiness
field theory
counts our lives.

#122. sara

December 25, 2009


sometimes when i look at you
in my eye or in my mind

i feel like the paint
is still wet on my life

the possibilities that you
gift to me

are brighter each truly conscious
moment ensphered with you

so that all joy pain mirth and sorrow
dwell interior to my spirit

#115. Eat The End

December 18, 2009

If a tornado rips through a mind
and the roof is falling
while the frame is raised
then the parting of seas
will rip us from a reality based on coral and chaff.

If a period is the beginning and end
of death
and birth equals me and you
then a thought and a breath
have made a corner
in which we can wrestle with the Eternal Fucking Meat
of mind and gullet lost lovers and the end.

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