ready to jet
in the eye
of memory
in the storm
of my old dreams
in the wild winds
heading west
to you all

#190. memory house

March 3, 2010

anger’s page again
with a friend
a turning
of the leaves
in lives shared
which matters
in a way we never expected
at the beginning
high on a hill
building this house

i wonder where mallory is tonight

#172. finishing

February 13, 2010

keep history
from finding out
or remembering
will the american civil war
in a messy and nasty finale
be bookended by Abraham Lincoln
in the ninteenth century
and by Barack Obama
in the twenty-first?

#150. Hey Adam (winter

January 22, 2010

Hey Adam (winter

in all the shadowy absences
of a barren season shine highlights.
things shared remain more than memory.
inspiration does not allow sorrow
to remain
nor does spring allow winter.

so it goes

finding my memory
in more and more spaces
driven by scents sounds colors
that exist
in the air of time
which we silly beings say

#92. A Propensity

November 25, 2009

A Propensity

It’s been no time and all time.
a frail ink tears out of my pen
to rain this page
with the sere memory of you
and knowing that our days passed by
as the quick game of pool we’ve played
over a beer and a shot of Jack;
I’ll see you on the dust-kicked road
to Greece and a hermitage that you
would share with me.
Rather than lose the wars,
they settled on the spoils of boredom.
Rather than lose faith,
they twisted your spine
into a hangman’s knot to die
(and die)
in the corner by your restless jacket.
It’s been no time and all time.

#48. For You

October 13, 2009

to the touch of
all memories
of your presence in my heart
how like
the morning you are
bright and clear
misty and lovely
full of promise
for my long day to come.

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