#459. yahrzeit again

February 15, 2011

the sea remembers tomorrow
as if it were just yesterday
sleep is on its way dreams
of waking to gentle eyes
closing upon open earth
stone that finds ashes
to ashes lost breath
mother to blossom 
growing me living
tree remembers
an ocean today
not forgetting
your death
or its life

#427. hypnogogic reverie one

November 10, 2010

is not as much fun
as creating
a new moment
of laughter

i can see your dancing eyes
when i close mine

#412. meme me

October 24, 2010

time all counts
the future desired memories
infinite listening
seeing pictures in past time
to know even
the now added to the stories
count the time

the small hound yawns in the sunshine
translating time into memory
i forget to think
and only look
and listen

#411. merlin merwin

October 23, 2010

and mix
truth and fact
memory of words
standing not knowing
alone a grateful algorithm
with no memory of meaning
every reading a new translation

in time
my memories blend
stirred by scent and sound
goaded by wisps of ancient dreams
visions unhampered by mundane chores
i live in the integrated now where my poems
loom on strings around the corner from the then
and there

#332. tumbling

July 23, 2010

back down the path
memorized marblized emotions
fuck with me and i cry old tears
but your clear eyes find mine
returning me to now

#310. mom

July 1, 2010

remember your
eyes gentle tender
brown flashing
dark with passion
i always knew you cared

#279. memory day

May 31, 2010

war death waste

as the long lines fall
from life to memory
corners turned or never
to be turned again

grandchildren thrive
alive in another string
the universe sings

forward through
memories to come

open to the sky
brothers still brothers
our moments are ours
shared sharp sure

brothers no matter
the present
our childhood remains

#214. guest room

March 27, 2010

tired and sleep escapes me
eyes that know no rest
life in ancient times
mind memory
space time

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