#411. merlin merwin

October 23, 2010

and mix
truth and fact
memory of words
standing not knowing
alone a grateful algorithm
with no memory of meaning
every reading a new translation

#390. stargaze

September 21, 2010

if the colors within you
reflect the clear night sky
then come to know the meaning
of travelling starwards within the depths
of your lover’s eyes

#387. traveller

September 18, 2010

if i
or not
time moves
me out of now
at the speed my
synapses fire off at
the same rate as i die

redeemed by the eyes of my lover
my own eyes close and cry
and time means naught

in truth i live
in fact i die

#379. pontillism

September 8, 2010

at the head
meaning binds
crown to creation
flame to fire another
year an arbitrary point
an infinite number on any line

#378. eventually canaan

September 7, 2010

in the land
of oil and money
only the road
remains constant
and everyone
is a ghost in transit
across time
space becomes less
and more valuable

#189. for carl jung

March 2, 2010

all the double meanings
antonyms that work better
with their partners
evoke a special intimacy
a clear path to understanding
is suffering
which is the body
of the question
synonymous with joy
with the conscious life

#175. distances

February 16, 2010

virtuality is a virtue
as it is (apparently) safer
than unpleasant reality lurking
calling out
to live in the blind design
reality is an excuse
for the virtual
ghost crying out in the space

“please let this have meaning”

#153. sara

January 25, 2010

the job
has me
in the bones
but the smile
the moment
with you
has my back
and forth i go again.

#91. good night

November 24, 2009


to have someone
who says goodnight
and to feel the weight
of that passion pressed
upon my own unguarded
desire is to comprehend the endless.

#57. Like A Dog

October 21, 2009

Like a dog

which is the meaning
of the Greek root for cynic
and I would like to thank
those twenty-two or four or more
year old cynics who adhere to that definition
of being one who believes that human conduct is totally motivated by self-interest
for they have shown me that I am also a cynic
but one who believes as did the ancient Greek school
of Cynic philosophers who held that Virtue
is the Only Good
and its essences are independence and self-control.

Like a dog who sniffs at the passersby
lost or hungry
affection starved
independent but longing for a change
you get mean
or you get meaning.

In other words
I am giving up
the distrust of my youth (when I knew everything
for the trust necessary for the spiritual
search for truth.

to answer those cynics
who will say that I will fail
though they will pose it as the question
what if I fail? I can only paraphrase
Monty Python
from ‘The Life of Brian’,
you come from nothing, you go to nothing,
so what have you got to lose?

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