#148. Wish List

January 20, 2010

To hold my sleeping grandchild
like an armful of blossoms.

For my right hand to understand
how to play guitar.

To know what my dozing dog
is dreaming.

For my friends to spend the Endless
together laughing and telling stories.

To chase my dreams without care
for thier completion.

For my poems to ride the waves of madness
like golden surfers.

#38. Madness

October 4, 2009


went to the diner
just to hear a phone ring.

Amazed, saddened
by the graceful traceries of veins
in the waitress’ arms.

Tears on a page.
The sound magnifies the distortions.

How best to celebrate a birthday?
Unaffordable music or suicide.

How precious is light as if no electricity.
How scarce.

The people are smiling
and I have no idea why.
But I once knew.

The phone rings.

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