It’s the eye of God, there’s no bottom—
and my pores opened to the smell of the road.
Cloves and small furry animals.
You pressed my flesh tender from youth and lonliness.
How long’s it been since we walked along with the weather
Just talking and gesturing nobody
but us and the moon.
You are a dam or Eve and I am the candle.
Oh blow that fucker out and come to bed.

#93 The Secret Names Of Women

November 26, 2009

The Secret Names Of Women

are as magnets or aphrodisiacs to me.
The flush and rush
of intimacy
new found first kiss
makes my skin
I need the gentle nipple erection ecstasy
new born beneath my thumb
to decipher the vast NOW
of desire and joy.

And then comes that moment
when She relaxes and enjoys Herself.
Wholly and Holy
Goddess and Woman
Maiden and Mistress
all women and herself only.
In that moment
I know her secret name.
And sometimes
so does she.

#91. good night

November 24, 2009


to have someone
who says goodnight
and to feel the weight
of that passion pressed
upon my own unguarded
desire is to comprehend the endless.

#89. Fragrant

November 22, 2009


Fragrant is the flower
you give
for my spirit to know.

Gentle is the caress
you have brought
to my heart.

Lovely the vision
as you walk
across the floor to me.

Melodic is the song
you have played
in my body tonight.

Sweet is the taste
you have left
on my tongue.

#82. Night Lady Light

November 15, 2009

There is the slimmest crack
of light in the front bedroom.
It attracts me but disappears
when I enter.

There is reflected mirror light
in the livingroom
with a touch of orange and blur
from the stereo.

There is pure GE light in the kitchen
melted only slightly
by the blond wood echoes
of the cabinets and cutting board.

There is only vague light
in the bathroom
and if I close the door
perfect dark.

There is glowing grey
light infiltrating
the woman’s bedroom making false
dusk gloaming soft.

Thinking of woman who lies
next to me in bed.
I love her naked beneath
those sheets.
I see you always
natural and alluring.
A coarseness overtakes
and besets me.
Full of desire
eager love
too eager for you most times
but hard for you
none the less.

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